General Hints and Tips

General Hints, Tips and Information

  • Please remember that when camping on a Club Site you should NOT arrive at the site before 13.00 hours as club rules state you will not be allowed on site before this time.
  • The speed limit on all THS, Ralley fields and club sites is 5 mph due to there being children running around. This is for everybody’s health and safety.
  • Generators may only be used on a THS or Rally site with the Stewards permission and between the hours agreed with the steward.
  • Open fires are not permitted on rally fields unless the site owner has given specific permission via the steward for them to be lit.
  • Disposable BBQ’s should not be used directly on the grass but should be raised off the ground on bricks
  • All rubbish and refuse should be removed at the end of the meet. Please leave the field as you would wish to find it.