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May Day Meet Friday 4th to Monday 7th May Theme Battle of Britain

65 units were in attendance for this meet (A record for our May Day Meet) on a field which was initially very wet which meant that pitch allocation was very hard and then enjoyed what turned into a very hot sunny weekend. It was so hot that on Sunday afternoon the games were cancelled to avoid people getting sunstroke. We had a meal based on the available foods during the war (Corned Beef Hash) and free drinks. I believe everyone had a great time

Weymouth THS

Between the dates of 23rd May and 8th June we  ran a THS at Holwell Farm Nottington Weymouth. This was attended by a total of 108 units over the period it was open. The weather was absolutely brilliant as we only had two wet and two overcast days during the meet. Everbody who attended stated they hoped we would run it next year but the venue is in doubt due to possible building on site BUT we have an alternative venue for next year only about one and a half miles away if we need it                                                        GREAT NEWS WE ARE ON THIS SITE FOR 2019

Graveley Fruit Farm

21 units attended the meet and despite the mixed weather (not a lot of rain but overcast for some of the weekend) a good time was had by everyone. The strawberries were just ripe for picking and pick we did. DELICIOUS.