Facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogues

We provide methodological design for large national and international conferences and events that involve multiple stakeholder groups. We also design and facilitate dialogue processes that manage complex information, conflicting interests and address issues of legitimacy, power and voice in decision-making. We provide state-of-the-art facilitation and environmental governance expertise to bridge the gap between science, policy-making and practical action.


Natural resource governance and conflict transformation

With over 30 years’ of international experience, Pippa Heylings provides a specialist advisory service on the design, facilitation and evaluation of governance systems for natural resources and climate change. With her team of associate facilitators based around the world, Pippa provides design, facilitation and training in conflict transformation processes around complex social and environmental issues.


Mainstreaming climate change and sustainability

Talking Transformation provides a specialist advisory service for governments and organisations seeking to transform the way they do business in order to mainstream climate change and sustainability. Talking Transformation has also pioneered and adapted the methodology for Action Labs, inspiring transformational leaders, networks and organisations, and supporting them in their pathways to change.