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We work with handpicked wealth management companies to provide you with access to the financial advice and market-leading products and solutions that will help you to achieve your investment and financial goals.

From pensions to ISAs, from mortgages to protection products, we offer a whole of market service, giving you peace of mind you’ll get the best returns and deals available for you.

We have access to plans and opportunities that you won’t find on the high street, so we can show you ways of broadening your investment horizons.

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Our expert team prides itself on providing the highest levels of service to all our clients and financial partners, meaning you can have peace of mind you’re in safe hands with Lifegrid Solutions Ltd.

Our collective experience spans major insurance and pensions providers, international investment markets and property development opportunities, discreet banking services and wealth management and protection structures that are normally enjoyed only by a privileged few.

We can provide access to a financial network that others would struggle to match, so book your initial review today.

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Women hit hard by new pension rules

20th April 2016

Women who were born in the 1950s look set to be unfairly disadvantaged by changes to the state pension age.

What are the new rules?

20th April 2016

Under the new rules, the state pension age for women will rise from 60 to 66 by the year 2020, and will be the same as the retirement age for men. It means some women who had thought they’d be retiring at 60 will now be required to work for another 6 years before they can begin taking their state pensions.

What’s the problem?

20th April 2016

While many people agree with the principle of equal retirement ages, the disadvantages come through the speed with which the changes are being made. Many women who’d expected to start taking their state pensions between 2016 and 2020 only found out in 2011 that they would now be expected to work for longer. Meanwhile, men are being given longer to prepare – their state pension age will only start rising in 2018.

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